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bloom bash / San Diego museum of art
USA, 2014


I was invited to create an installation for the San Diego Museum of Art's annual fundraiser called Bloom Bash.  This show consisted of Making 3 large spherical sculptures to hang above the bar.  The floral piece was two feet in diameter and the other balls where three feet.  That is the interior space with the sculpture on them the large balls where 5 foot in diameter. 



A 4,000 square foot tapestry made from used clothing sewed over wire hangers is draped from the beams of the space.  The event also included 200 unique VIP pins to be worn by each guest, a special gallery installation in the VIP lounge, and an altar of flowers at the entrance to welcome everyone to the event.


The large spheres were created just for this show, repurposed and reimagined from sculptures I already had.  I also made about 400 tape flowers for this show.  The wire hangers covered with fabric were also repurposed from another project I created called Leviathan.  I prescribe to Joseph Beuy's idea that all works of art in your studio and not finished pieces but just material for the next piece of art.


I wish I had more pictures of this installation, however it was done for an event that allowed for a small window of set up and take down time.  Luckily I had the help of some wonderful friends, Matt Cusick, Maren Conrad, Ian Pines, and Geoff Jernigan. 

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