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Coping with Corona #2 / Kitahama Alley
Japan, 2020


I was originally scheduled to spend the summer of 2020 on a tour in Europe after finishing all my scheduled shows in Japan.  However, all the events were canceled with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.  With strict lockdown orders being enforced and international travel being banned in March of 2020, I had to decide between staying until my VISA ran out or quickly returning to California and focusing on my studio practice at home.  


I choose to stay in Japan and pursue my work there.  On the brighter side of things, my time there created many opportunities in Japan for me.  I was able to find an artist in residence program in the city of Onomichi.  It was here I started to work on the piece I later titled “Coping with Corona”.  I spent the month of April playing with new ideas and creating new forms trying to just find my place and center in a new country and a new reality.

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