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leviathan / front gallery,Oakland
usa, 2009

DS Leviation.jpg

Leviathan came after I started making art out of tape.  I knew I could just make art out of tape for the rest of my life, but I wanted to make something new out of the same concept as Tapigami (socially generated, accessible art).  I was using wire hangers as the stems for the flowers I was making at the time.  I also had a self portrait project which required individuals to donate a piece of clothing for me to cut up and sew onto my own clothes.  I wanted to make this new sculpture even more environmentally friendly than the tape city I had just made.  One day I walked by the wire hangers in my studio and realized they were scales of a fish.  From there I settled on the name Leviathan.  


Leviathans are the names of the creatures of the ocean from before we knew there names.  They are huge mythical beast blamed for swallowing ships whole.  This Leviathan was designed to consume culture and society.  Leviathan is also a 1600's work of philosophy by Thomas Hobbs which outlines society as a living organism and suggests that everyone is interconnected.  It is credited as part of the frame work the United States constitution.  


The fabric of the Leviathan scales were donated clothes and second hand finds.  Wire hangers were also donated for the project.  The 3,000 hangers used for this sculpture where sewn by hand.  The Leviathan teeth and eyes were made out of tape.  This sculpture was created to consume the culture it touched, anyone can cut up there clothes and sewn them onto wire hangers and add to the Leviathan.  In future shows, I used the hangers as back drops for the tape city because the Leviathan ate the city.  This sculpture was about my new work consuming my old work. Its dimensions were 40'L x 12'H x 8'W.

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