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Tapigami Creatures are some of the oldest creations in the Tapigami universe.  These ephemeral spirits are the heralds of my Imagination.  Born from a dedication to unify all the different techniques and ideas into a single moment of inspiration.  The creatures come in all shapes and sizes and have many names in many different countries.  They are my friends and muses.  Each one is carefully crafted in an exercise to make something from nothing.  They are the native beings of Tapigami.  They are friendly and have a burning desire to explore the world you inhabit.  Their goal is to share your love of art and play everyday.  Don’t worry they don’t bite but they have been known to crawl into your  pocket and spit out your money in an attempt to go home with you.  


P.S. They now have strong magnets on their feet so they can run all over your walls and ceilings.

Kennedy Gami

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